January 18

Yannis Palaiologos, Reporter, Kathimerini newspaper. Author, The Thirteenth Labour of Hercules, about the Greek crisis joins the show to discuss the upcoming Greek election, and its widespread repercussions.



Brian Jones, educator, actor, and socialist in New York City, running for Lieutenant Governor of New York, running under the Green Party banner.



Russ Choma, D.C.-based journalist and the money-in-politics reporter at OpenSecrets.com talks about the fact that the median net worth of lawmakers was just over $1 million in 2013, or 18 times the wealth of the typical American household, according to new research by the Center for Responsive Politics.



Eric Alper of eOne Music Canada, Billboard Magazine and Paste Mag joined us to discuss the Grammy nominations, and the face of the music industry today.




January 4


Dan Roberts, The Guardian’s Washington Bureau Chief, explained White House sanctions placed on North Korea in response to the Sony hack. Listen to entire interview (runs 13:59).


Adam Zuckerman, co-founder of Fosterly, discusses why innovation is pivotal in Washington and beyond at an upcoming event called Collaborate. Listen to entire interview (runs 19:01).


Peter Rhodes Easley, Deputy Chief of Corporate Procurement at the World Bank Group describes what business can learn from governments. Listen to entire interview (runs 19:18).


Hosts Mark Walsh and Jonathan Aberman loved dissecting Bob Lefsetz’s predictions for 2015.

Plus! Your predictions for 2015…


December 14

David McCabe,  Staff Writer with The Hill talks about reaction to the Senate’s torture report released this week concluding the CIA misled the public, Congress, and the Bush White House over the use of controversial interrogation tactics. (Listen to full interview. Runs 22:59)

Ali Watkins, National Security/Foreign Policy Reporter, Huffington Post also weighs in on the long-term implications of interrogation tactics, and whether they cross the line. (Listen to full interview. Runs 13:04)

Brendan Kelly knows everything there is to know about films and music. His latest article got our attention because it slams rock band U2 for being hypocritical and egotistical. We’re going to need specifics. (Listen to full interview. Runs 17:41)

Thor Halvorssen wrote a heart-wrenching report for The Atlantic. He tells us the story behind the story, and expands on human rights in China.(Listen to full interview. Runs 13:25)