February 10th, 2013: Eyal Press and Etan Thomas

Throughout history, a handful of people have broken ranks and heeded the voice of their own conscience in dark times. Author Eyal Press is in the Jab Room to tell us what these Beautiful Souls have in common. Plus, he’s more than athlete! Author and activist Etan Thomas is back in the ring to weigh in on Fatherhood and the Voices of The Future. And if a drone falls on your house, does anyone hear it? All this and more!

...Coming soon to a neighborhood near you?

What if the Super Bowl Was Covered Like Politics?

Suppose last night’s game was covered the way that most political and economic events are described these days.  You can imagine the outcome. Sports is the last stronghold of fact-based spin, and Jabber Jon Aberman thinks that shows how far our political discourse has eroded. “As we narrow cast ourselves and our information sources into self-referential echo chambers,” Aberman writes in his latest post, “America is losing something extremely important.  We are losing the ability to communicate and clearly share the same reality and context.” Read the full post here.