August 10

Robert Draper joined us to talk about his New York Times Magazine feature Has the ‘Libertarian Moment’ Finally Arrived? Rand Paul and the libertarians could win young voters over to the GOP, if the party doesn’t shut them down. (Listen to full interview. Runs 13:00)

Justin Levitt on his Washington Post Blog A comprehensive investigation of voter impersonation finds 31 credible incidents out of one billion ballots cast How much is it costing us to investigate voter fraud… And just how often is it happening? (Listen to the full interview. Runs 17:55)

Frank Taylor of Fosterly: If entrepreneurs had the resources of government, and government innovated like a startup, what kind of problems would we be able to solve? (Listen to the full interview. Runs 17:39)

August 3

Contributing writer for Salon David Dayen published an interview with Rick Perlstein, author of The Invisible Bridge: The Fall of Nixon and the Rise of Reagan. As the book gets released, Perlstein has been mired in scandal, involving claims of plagiarism. Dayen joins the show to share the fascinating story. Listen to full interview. (Runs 15:14)

Ian Morris is the author of ten books on archaeology and history including his most recent, War! What is it Good For? He is the Jean and Rebecca Willard Professor of Classics and Professor of History at Stanford University and a Fellow of the Stanford Archaeology Center. He joined the Left Jab team to discuss the possible up side of war. Listen to the full interview. (Runs 15:35)

Author of Russians: The People Behind the Power and The Great Gamble, Europe editor at GlobalPost & former NPR Moscow correspondent Gregory Feifer brings his perspective to the current Russian conflict. (Listen to the full interview. Runs 21:08)




July 27

Michael Klare, Five College Professor of Peace and World Security Studies at Hampshire College and the Author of 14 books on energy resource issues including the most recently published book The Race for What’s Left joined the Left Jab team. Listen to the full interview (two parts).

Adam Sabra, Professor of History and the King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud Chair in Islamic Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara brings us his impressions of the Gaza violence, and some historical perspective on why situation has yet to be settled. Listen to the full interview (runs 14:47)