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  • the woman who went ion the ant-israel tirade was shocking in her misinformation. especially unsettling was her comment that people could just walk out of the warsaw ghetto thru tunnels. it is estimated that 500, 000 were confined in the warsaw ghetto with many starving to death, do you think they would have been able to walk out and not do so?? the woman was ranting and sadly both of you let her go on and seemed afraid to deal with her one sidedness, IT IS ONESIDEDNESS THAT HAS MADE THE SITUATION WORSE> I AM REALLY ASHAMED OF YOU GUYS FOR LETTING THIS KIND OF TALK GO ON> IT WAS A TRUE UNREASONED MOMENT THAT I WILL NEVER FORGET!!

  • Stanley McChyrstal questions.

    Do you think McChrystal would have answered to Tillman’s mother: ?

    Tillman was disgruntled. Had he survived he would have been a problem for the Army. Even in death, his diary was potentially devastating… why was it burned?

    I am being rhetorical of course. he would have not answered.

    your adulations and glad-handing to McChrystal were disappointing.

  • I just think it is ironic that Ben Carson would be concerned about a Muslim Presidents attitude towards women, when the current President who so many of them accuse of being a Muslim is an ardent supporter of women’s rights when they (those on the right) seem to be adverse to retaining, let alone furthering women’s rights, based on their “CHRISTIAN” beliefs.

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