December 2nd, 2012: Guest Co-Host David W. Jones With Alexander Bolton, Senior Staff Writer at “The Hill” Newspaper, Craig Aaron from Free Press and Judith Feder from the Georgetown Public Policy Institute

December 3rd, 2012 by mgoodfriend

Guest co-host David W. Jones takes us Below the Beltway with Alexander Bolton, the Senior Staff Writer and Senate Reporter for The Hill¬†newspaper in D.C. Plus, we’ll talk with Craig Aaron, Managing Director of Free Press, about how media consolidation could accelerate your brain’s demise. We’ll also pay a visit to Judith Feder, professor of Public Policy at Georgetown and former senior fellow at the Center for American Progress. She’ll talk us down off the fiscal cliff, health care reform and the great legislative battles looming ahead in President Obama’s next term. All this and more!¬†

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  1. Lynn Marie Suits says:

    Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your show. Some women may not be calling in because Sunday night is a busy ‘get ready for the rest of the week’ time for us. I listen while I am sorting laundry. Thanks for being there.

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