November 18th, 2012: J-Street Communications Director Jennifer Rosenblum, Innovation Expert David A. Kirsch, Dave Zirin on Sports and Eric Model with the best damn turkey caller in the world!

The current crisis in Israel may make you feel like there’s no solution to the never-ending conflict between the Jewish people and their neighbors, but the Washington-based home for pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans sees hope. Jessica Rosenblum found her way into the Jab Room from J-Street and she’s here to tell us what she found along the road to peace. Plus, with the nation’s move toward energy independence, and new technology making the electric car a reality for a growing number of Americans, we thought we’d take a look under the hood of the future of the automobile industry with a true auto-didact from the University of Maryland’s School of Business, David A. Kirsch. We’ve also got Dave Zirin for the first hour of the show talking sports, politics and everything in between, and we’ll end the night in Hidden America with the world champion turkey caller summoning the feast!

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