August 23

Francesca Chambers, White House Correspondent for the Daily Mail
discusses a possible Joe Biden/Elizabeth Warren connection, the birth of the anchor baby debate, Donald Trump, Martin O’Malley and Black Lives Matter.

David Weigel, National Political Reporter for The Washington Post talks about Alabama as an example of a (failed) immigration policy not too distant from Donald Trump’s plan.

Dave Zirin, Left Jab sports correspondent and Sports Editor for The Nation magazine sheds light on the latest news for the Washington football team, Tom Brady vs Roger Goodell, and he makes his Super Bowl picks!



08-20-15 Edge of Sports

Episode 266: BOOM! Dave gets right into the nitty gritty this week as he discusses neoliberalism in sports. How Northwestern University football players were denied the right to organize while college football coaches can clear $5 or $7 million in salary and how in the heck the billionaire owners of the Milwaukee Bucks can use public funds instead of their own money to meet the $250 million needed for their new stadium. Dave, “Mean” Mark and Coach talk Fantasy Football. Special guest: Katie Klabusich who wrote a fantastic article about the recent Patrick Kane allegations titled: Patrick Kane and the Culture of Disbelief About Rape.

08-20-15 Edge of Sports

August 16

Colin Delany, Founder & editor of brings us the latest on electronic tools to track political activity.


Peter Singer, Strategist for New America, consultant for the Department of Defense and co-author, Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War offers an eye-opening look at security and vulnerability.


Josh Voorhees, Senior Writer for, brings us the latest from the campaign trail.


John Ourand of Sports Business Journal talks about Washington’s football team, and where the team will play, stadiums as cash grabs for owners and more…