October 26

Bernard St-Laurent, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s senior political editor in Quebec, provides context on what this week’s deadly shooting on Parliament Hill really means. Was it an act of terrorism? Or was it a mentally-ill gunman acting alone? (Listen to the full interview. Runs 19:35)

Barry Ritholtz, Bloomberg columnist, Big Picture blogger & Founder of Ritholtz Wealth Management joins us to talk about bad ideas. When think tanks get it wrong, what happens? Are some bad ideas like zombies – they just stay alive long after they should have perished? (Listen to the full interview. Runs 21:58)

Jacob Silverman Author, Terms of Service: Social Media, Surveillance, and the Price of Constant Connection shares his opinion on the limits of the messianic vision of technology as an expression of individual genius.  (Listen to the full interview. Runs 16:50)


Jeff Madrick, author of Seven Bad Ideas, joined us to talk about the economy, and how economists have failed us time and time again. (Listen to full interview. Runs 18:59)

Heidi HarmonCandidate for California State Assembly District 35, joined us to talk about why she is running for office, and her mission to catalyze change in her district. (Listen to the full interview. Runs 13:24)

Bruce Allen Murphy, Fred Morgan Kirby Professor of Civil Rights at Lafayette College, discussed his book, Scalia: A Court of One, as part of our examination of SCOTUS. (Listen to the full interview. Runs: 20:40)

Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean of University of California, Irvine School of Law, spoke about his book, The Case Against the Supreme Court, and ways in which the court should be reformed. (Listen to the full interview. Runs 15:11)


October 12

Judy Feder, Professor of public policy and, from 1999 to 2008, dean of what is now the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University joined us to talk about Obamacare. It is working, so why are some on the right still complaining?

Jeremy Holden, Director of Research at Media Matters and host of Media Matters Radio on SiriusXM, joined us to talk about the politics of Ebola: those who capitalize on a deadly virus to incite panic and point fingers.

Charles K.Armstrong, Global Fellow at The Woodrow Wilson Center and a Professor of Korean Studies at Columbia University joined us to discus Kim Jong-un. Where is he? What should we read into his long absence from the public eye? Armstrong shared enlightening aspects of his visits to North Korea, and what the social realities are in that country.

Shawn Key of Key CyberSecurities has made it his mission to weed out those who exploit children by perpetuating juvenile pornography. The good news is, his technology does help nab child porn users. The bad news is, he says he is getting bogged down by bureaucracy.