December 14

David McCabe,  Staff Writer with The Hill talks about reaction to the Senate’s torture report released this week concluding the CIA misled the public, Congress, and the Bush White House over the use of controversial interrogation tactics. (Listen to full interview. Runs 22:59)

Ali Watkins, National Security/Foreign Policy Reporter, Huffington Post also weighs in on the long-term implications of interrogation tactics, and whether they cross the line. (Listen to full interview. Runs 13:04)

Brendan Kelly knows everything there is to know about films and music. His latest article got our attention because it slams rock band U2 for being hypocritical and egotistical. We’re going to need specifics. (Listen to full interview. Runs 17:41)

Thor Halvorssen wrote a heart-wrenching report for The Atlantic. He tells us the story behind the story, and expands on human rights in China.(Listen to full interview. Runs 13:25)




December 7

Mike Regan of Bloomberg talks about the oil market: everyone knows prices at the pump are dropping, but who’s winning and who’s losing in the bigger picture? Mike will know. Here’s a little more about him.

Bob Lefsetz knows everything about music: the way it’s produced, what makes something a hit, and how a song can move your soul. We want to hear from him about the passing of Rolling Stones’ saxophonist Bobby Keys. He was a bad boy of rock & roll if there ever was one. How the industry has changed even if musicians’  bad habits haven’t.

David Weigel talks about the newest branch of right-wing media. “At the Washington Free Beacon, The Federalist, and the Independent Journal Review, they’re ready to pay any price, bear any burden to defeat Jon Stewart and his ilk…”


November 23

Lindsay Mark Lewis, Executive Director of the Progressive Policy Institute and author of Political Mercenaries: The Inside Story of How Fundraisers Allowed Billionaires to Take Over Politics reveals how politics is — more than ever — a “pay to play” game. He says he is “disgusted” by what he unearthed.

Bob Hemphill, author of Dust Tea, Dingoes, and Dragons: Adventures in Culture, Cuisine and Commerce from a globe-trekking executive talking not only about his insightful book, but also — with Keystone XL pipeline in the news — about his background in alternative energy sources.

Laura Kelley, immigration lawyer working out of Miami, gives us her take on this week’s announcement on immigration reform.

Juliet Eilperin, White House correspondent for The Washington Post, talks about not only immigration reform, but also, the latest on Keystone XL.